Toccare Spa is your private sanctuary away from the bustles of the urban life. Toccare Spa draws inspiration from its Italian meaning “touch”. Our therapists and our signature massages will surely make your Spa Journey a remarkable experience.


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Classic Massage (Single Room)

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Classic Massage (Common Room)

Whole body massage that uses long strokes with firm pressure to ease sore muscles and release stress and fatigue.

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Classic Massage (Couples Room)

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Filipino Hilot (Common Room)

A Filipino-style therapeutic massage concentrating on healing the body’s in-balances. Combines the use of virgin coconut oil with the medium to deep pressure strokes to relieve deep-rooted stress and restore health and well being. Warm banana leaf is applied on the client’s back to assess areas that need focus.

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Filipino Hilot (Single Room)

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Filipino Hilot (Couples Room)

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Japanese Shiatsu (Common Room)

A Japanese-style pressure point technique based on the concept of accupuncture. This massage works on vital energy points resulting in balanced Chi (life force energy). Uses thumb pressure and dry massage technique.

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Japanese Shiatsu (Single Room)

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Japanese Shiatsu (Couples Room)

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Healing Bamboo (Common Room)

Harnessing the deep heat therapy from rythmic bamboo sticks, this luxurious massage combines pure essential oils, penetrating warmth to release stored tension of muscular tissues. Bamboo sticks placed on key energy center balances the spirit and nurtures total relaxation. This treatment is ideal for those who desire deep tissue massage.

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Healing Bamboo (Single Room)

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Healing Bamboo (Couples Room)

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Healing Gemstone (Common Room)

Our signature massage allows you to choose specific semi-precious stones for your massage therapy to address specific needs.

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Healing Gemstone (Single Room)

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Healing Gemstone (Couples Room)

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Citrine Package

Combination of Lemongrass-Sage Body Polish followed by Toccare Signature Crystal Massage using the properties of Citrine.

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Quartz Package

Treatment starts with Coco Creme Souffle Body Rub followed by a rich milk bath and is finished by Signature Rose Quartz Massage.

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Half Day Spa Experience

An exclusive Spa Journey that only Toccare Spa can provide. Our trained spa staff will design a package from our line of massage, body wrap, hand and foot care and face therapy, using your personal preference and needs. A spa cuisine will complete the journey and may also be served at your pleasure.

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Classic Manicure

Trim, buff, cut, file and polish for totally sexy nails.

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Classic Pedicure

Trim, buff, cut, file and polish. A foot soak starts off this treatment

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Green Tea Foot Spa

Give your feet what they deserve. A comprehensive foot treatment that uses extracts of green tea to heal cracked heels, treat dry and flaky skin, softens the feet and relaxes tired sore muscles.

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Foot Massage

Treat your tired feet and legs with this tension-relieving massage. A wonderful remedy for sore feet.

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Fruity Mint

This hand and foot treatment uses combination of fruit extracts and mint to reinvigorate your feet.

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Harmony-Paraffin (Hand)

Warm paraffin to create balance treating sore muscles, fatigue, vein problem, excessive sweating, rheumatism and stress. A good add-on treatment to your hand and foot care

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Harmony-Paraffin (Foot)

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Aromatherapy Facial

This facial helps clear skin congestion and improve the normal functions of the skin through the eliminations of toxins producing cell regenerations

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Natural Caviar Bliss

An anti-ageing solution using the unique ingredients of Caviar, Pearls and a natural derivative to BOTOX - plant based ingredient called ESCUTOX. This ultra-luxe opulent treatment with superlative results has been created for all skin types showing signs of ageing, using pure caviar and pearls extract to restore instant youthful vitality.

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Skin Brilliance

Reclaim a more unified skin tone with this naturally brightening skin treatment. Skin's age spots, brown patches and other hyper-pigmentation due to sun damage are lighten. Green olive extracts combats excessive dryness, hydration and pre-mature ageing. Also unites with Mandarin Essential oil with anti-oxidant vitamins A and E, this treatment visibly brightens, softens and provides a healthy skin tone.

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Line be gone for Men

This is a corrective and opulent anti-ageing face treatment especially designed for him using gentle and natural ingredients to smooth wrinkles and firm the skin.

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Lemon Grass-Sage Salt Scrub

Royalties travel miles to take advantage of “old world sea salt”. This treatment is made of rich mineral sea salt blended with high potent Lemongrass-Sage essential oils to revitalize the skin and sense.

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Coco Cream Souffle

Our coconut cream blend is absolutely sinful. Made with pure coconut oil, pure coconut extract, fine granules blended with a fruit splash to make it irresistable. This treatment with a hair conditioning therapy and promises to leave your skin supple soft

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Milk Body Envelope

Treatment starts with a rice body scrub to slough off dead skin cells followed by a rich milk body wrap to renew faster cell reproduction and aid whitening effect. Soak in a pleasure milk bath accompanied by an application of milk creme to truly moisturize and lighten skin complexion.

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Milk Body Bath

Let your body soak and bathe to rich, natural and powerful milk properties to extremely soften your skin. Believe in the powers of milk!

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Cucumber Mint

The purifying and hydrating body treatment that tones and tightens body contours. It nourishes and enriches the skin with antioxidant nutrient. Ideal for sensitive and sun damaged skin.

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Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

The ultimate experience of combined chocolate trouffle and raspberry that nourishes and nurture the skin as well as heightening the senses. Treatment includes raspberry body polish, chocolate wrap, releasing scalp massage, luxurious chocolate bath, and relaxing body massage.

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